How You Operate, When You Are Away

Our mind is really all we have. It translates for us, letting us know what seems right and what will bring discomfort. However, most of the time we are on auto-pilot, going about our day with absolutely no thought about our trajectory.

We look at something and immediately we are ‘told’ how and what to feel about that object. We look at the news and see the same thing as yesterday, and our mind tells us what to believe about the circumstances. Even our most perfunctory actions are understood, pre-rationalized and known to us.

The concept of auto-pilot is most used with aircraft, but there is a stark difference between the functioning of an aircraft auto-pilot and the human kind. The aircraft uses programs, algorithms, that are designed to fly the plane perfectly. Our auto-pilots are nothing more than a haphazard compilation of memories, some of which can be very detrimental.

The on-off switch for the human auto-pilot is what gives us hope for betterment. In the ‘off’ position we can assess what it will do and where it will take us, just by reviewing the memories of a few days past . . . What happened when I saw that? Was I directed to follow a bad habit? Could I change what certain things ‘mean’ to me? Could I change the auto-pilot program to not send me to a debilitating action and instead go to a place of peace and uplifting joy?

How we react to ANYTHING can be adjusted. What we do about discomforts and annoyances while on auto-pilot or not, can be modified to make your life one of supreme perfection.

Look at any one thing that is near you. That picture, or light, or floor, or book. While looking at it ask yourself questions like, ‘How could that light be made incredible? What could be in that picture frame that would really have a positive impact on me?

Then carry that process over to the abstracts in your life. That questionable action you’re about to do, could you replace it with something of some crazy infinite positive value, to you?

This human auto-pilot is a masterpiece. It can save time, make difficult things easy. Also, it can make each and every day its own masterpiece.

It just needs to know the changes you want to apply for that majestic transformation.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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