Paradigm, Paradigm. Where Are You, Paradigm?

Hey. We’ve discovered what causes looting and rioting – big time. It’s lasting longer than other similar times, deeper, bolder.

In the future, other civilizations that may want to experience riots and looting could handle this situation just as the U.S. has done and be pretty sure of similar events appearing.

Is sentencing the killers here all that is needed? Slam them into prison with zero contrition and hope tranquility ensues? That is the plan, isn’t it?

One statement stands out for me from someone high up in the government (I’ll mention no names), ‘I abhor riots.’ And to that I say, ‘I have a cat’. Who the hell cares? Cities are burning and that person is gracious enough to tell us he doesn’t approve! Thank you.

Have you heard one sentence about a ‘fix’ for this mess? ONE LINE? One idea?

This country of ours is taking on incendiary traits. Thirty six or so cities ready to burn and more looking to increase that number. It seems so appropriate for the overseer of all these cities to say something, anything, to hopefully shift the focus. Could something to do that not be conceived?

A plan to incite – learning! Another to instigate family savings. A third to stir up responses and suggestions from everyone, not just the echelon that has been making all the decisions up to now, for us.

Say something – DIFFERENT! Tell us all something about a concept from which we will ALL benefit. Get out of your status boxes and have community meetings to brainstorm ideas. These folks that have been so utterly disenfranchised sure might have some gems of wisdom as to provoking equality. Ask them. And try something brand new – listen to what they have to say.

Ponder, that a plan had been generated previous to this mess and that all the money, energy, time and effort that was used to tear down, had been used to build up and to help others. Businesses improved, able to offer new jobs instead of becoming extinct. Creating completely novel approaches that police could use to confront and assist folks to make everyone feel safe and EQUAL.

Difficult? Probably. But if the plan is simple, straightforward, and fair – all will be able see its value and appreciate it. It could give people a reason to live. The ability to be part of changing not only the fears of living in a city, but how people think about all those around them.

And not about their differences, but how the integration of all available faculties could make ANYTHING possible.

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  1. Your words keep revealing more brilliance! Share this with others…spread the wisdom written here with a nation that us more than ever in its history ready to listen.


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