Swimming in the Waters of Abandoned Happiness

Is a transparent mask a placebo?

Taking a vacation by just going to sleep.

I received a message that I was going to die next Tuesday from a passing sparrow.

Someone has been pre-crumpling my most cherished beliefs. I’ll learn to thank him.

I won a place in the universe with a three-cushion bank shot.

With age comes the mirage of a lack of eternity.

Row, row, row your boat . . . Tomorrow I’m getting in my own boat.

We; work, talk, do, accomplish, become . . . and collectively they all preclude that one incalculable thought we will never have.

If our habits were formed from our predisposition of scarcity, should they now be revisited?

How intoxicating, when silence becomes a language.

The weight of impurity can immobilize a tank.

Become an airport. Monitor; who and what can arrive, and who and what can leave.

The generosity of solitude.

Are our cravings natural or have they been learned also?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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