Imaginary Cockpit

Maybe three Tuesday’s from now, or nearer the end of the line, circumstances line up and you are caught without your mask, and at that exact moment you are coerced to be in public, naked – from the neck up.

The urgency is such that there is not even time to cover your face. You run, trying to escape from nothing, everything. Frenetically darting in, over and around the same nothing, everything.

A cloud moves, sunlight beams down, right on to your face.

Your movement stops, your life stops. With sweat and fear dripping down your forehead and cheeks, the light transfixes you to the pavement of a busy intersection. Life is over. You are caught, exposed.

But, the warmth feels good. Something is happening.

People look. They stare. They continue their journey without any unkind remarks, without any giggles, without anything that seems unkind. Their facial expressions do not change. What is th . . . ? It’s their eyes!

No obvious changes whatsoever, but subtlety, oh so subtlety, in each and every one of them is this glint of ‘assuredness’ – as if they understand something you are just learning and that what they just did – nothing more than share a glance with you – is the best possible action they could have made.

Warmth. Now spreading throughout your body. Something never before experienced is felt. A new level of freedom, a new way to express every thought you have, to yourself. To walk, unhidden – to walk, as you – to walk, in clarity.

You realize that you have no idea where you are. You remember the ‘reassurance’ and that is all you need!

Motion again stops. Neither foot has a clue about direction.

Your auto-pilot kicks in and one foot takes a step.

‘Lost’ and ‘Found’ – TOGETHER – in one Magical step that you actually let happen TO you.

Auto-pilots are so underrated.

Was that just a glimmer of assuredness in your eye!? So many folks are in need of seeing that sparkle.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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