Sunday Soliloquy

Since my first taste of emancipation about forty years ago, that concept has been woven into almost every word I have written since then. And this tome will not be different.

I am not talking about physical slavery here, but mental slavery. Obedience to; some master, some god, some creed, some idea no matter from where it came.

On one side is emancipation, liberation, freedom – and on the other is – enslavement, tethers, chains, agendas, drugs, rituals, schemes and authority figures of all types. Fascinating it is to fathom why so many adhere to the idea of enslavement.

Our enslavement was created by each one of us. We were spoon-fed ideas about everything as we grew up, took what seemed reasonable at the time and in an instant made it a tether to our lives. For every aspect of our lives we created a ‘for then what was correct’ idea of how we would deal with that concept thereafter.

ALL the thoughts you have in your mind that you accept as truisms about what will make you feel free are nothing but learned ideas picked up along your way.

This ‘emancipation’ that everyone seems so concerned about, it is NOT EARNED. You don’t JOIN something to experience freedom, or have enough friends, or have enough money, or have enough security, or have enough success to experience freedom that high. It is not to be FOUND in a person nor anything this world has to offer. Emancipation is NOT A JOINT EFFORT. Ascension doesn’t happen in pairs or triplets, it is unilateral, YOU-nilateral.

Watching others as I do, it is astounding to notice people trying to prove their freedom by going out and buying or acquiring additional shackles for themselves. It is also very sad.

Is it possible, or even considered, that there may be some good in RIDDING our lives and our minds of constrictions, obstacles, unproven restrictions and replacing even one or two of them with visions that are unbounded, unlimited and Infinite? Or is that authority in our lives – too great to be doubted, too powerful to be questioned?

Is it time to realize you don’t shackle yourself into freedom? That you created this mentality in which you live and at any time you can make modifications to it? That it just might be time to laugh at your authority figure, or figures?

In closing, this is YOUR life. YOURS! You have the final say as to what thoughts you have in EVERY SECOND of your existence. Do you want to just leave the selection of those thoughts up to chance, up to the world to fill them in for you? Or might it be better, finally, to really consider that option you have always had, and start feeding your mind what it craves . . .

Pure, wholesome, clear and unbounded possibilities of your construction, OF YOUR CONSTRUCTION!

What you contemplate as the law of your being, becomes the law of your being.

Choose wisely, choose beautifully, choose Infinitely.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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