Personal Prognostication

We hear prognostications of the weather all the time, they’re called ‘forecasts’. An assessment of current weather conditions is studied and with fairly close certainty a statement is made about our upcoming weather.

The conditions in which we all live at this time sure can be thought of as gloomy, but should the future we see for ourselves be based solely on the conditions going on around us? Should they be based at all on our conditions?

This is truly a new paradigm we have entered. It is one of uncertainty, displacement, worry and death. But, the most important question here may be how we handle this on a personal basis.

When we are asked, ‘How are you doing?’ we must make an assessment and then a reply to that question. It is so tempting to include debasing comments within our reply. Statements that reenergize and amplify the negativity of the CoVid. It is easy to do, everybody gets it and perhaps there is a modicum of solidarity because of it. But, do we want to be united and come together under the banner of a life-threatening disease!?

Instead, during a few of our free moments, can we prognosticate a fantastic future for ourselves and our loved ones? Didn’t we all once hear ‘If you think in negative terms . . .’

We now live in a world in which CoVid is a part, but – damn it! – that virus is not us!

Unless we let it be.

Change the forecast. A huge positive front is sweeping across our country and the world. It is accompanied by strong, cleansing rains, soft drying winds with pure sunlight following close behind. This is our world – your’s, mine, everyone’s! Yes, we acquired a glitch, but it is our responsibility to acknowledge that and then to rise above it.

When negativity is the reigning emotion, nothing positive can occur. Please, if applicable, take a stance above this negativity. Be ready to pull people up – and out. Switch debasing comments with ones that edify. Throw out the status-quo and opt for seeing possibilities.

If your meteorologist isn’t conveying this – switch channels.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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