Nival Chapter Seven

Nival 7

A soft, oblique waft of relatively warmer air obligingly provided the essential lift. The effortless climb allowed Nival to partially disassociate himself from his circumstances. The delicate draft enabled a moiety of attention; half towards travel and half devoted to his dedication of the pursuit of wisdom and purity.

Nival recollected the feelings of growth he had had after helping Fuzio and after helping to furnish life to a new leaf. He contrasted those two feelings with the one of years ago. He had gone to help out a ‘pure ice’ company and instead of the foreseen managerial position he ended up being relegated to an ice cube. This one ultimately floating in some rotgut moonshine with some blood-streaked-eyed derelict staring down at him, continually stabbing at him with a little red straw.

The irony of the pure ice cubes and that joker’s roadmap orbs announced in no uncertain terms to Nival that some avenues provide higher enlightenment and rewards than others.

Real consternation set in when he realized that in almost all of his ventures his intent was worthy, but some outings facilitated more heart-felt benefit. Now fully cognizant of the idea that he didn’t have to use his mind just to deal with present conditions, but that he could theanthropically self-contrive his own world, the question loomed, ‘How was he to know what was best for his future?’ With a smidge of superciliousness, Nival knew he was on the right track. He stuck a bookmark in eternity and headed out to seek for purity and wisdom.

The higher he soared, the more illumination he received. Deigning to the physical, it was still true. Heading into the mesosphere the circular rim of white-capped ocean and land double laden with green on green, was illuminated from behind by extroverted indigos and crimsons which clung to the penumbra of earth as the sun descended behind it. Golden vectors torpedoing through holes in clouds, shot past Nival into the pincushion of heaven above. This Star Trek tableau brought about a spontaneous inequality with the Creator unfelt by Nival up until then. He acknowledged that Someone knew more than he did. He began to let go of all that was him – but was yet unproven; his beliefs, desires and dreams became limp and limpid – limp and limpid, until, she floated by.

Time stopped. Saliva dried – beads of sweat formed. She exuded seductive sophistication. She reflected the magnificent spectrum from below on a contour that the less urbane could only dream about. The girl glowed. She irradiated everything around her. Nival forgot to blink.

Concurrently, the pre-transformational chills ran through his total being. He failed to even recognize them. In an instant his former sphere-like body exploded back into ‘Snowflake Nival’. ‘Gorgeous One’ did the same. Because of the super frigidity of the mesosphere Nival and Gorgeous One appeared not as the comparatively drab, heavy-duty snowflakes originating from lower elevations, but as six-pointed perfectly detailed, fractal-like crystalline creations.

Nival a moral lighthouse in the midst of a dark and troubled sea.

Gorgeous One looked magnificent in her new form. Her slender, stellar dendrites, the shape of which could easily adorn the crown of any queen, moved seductively and the multi-colored spectacle below reflected in her perfection made Nival shudder.

“Hi, my name is Nival and I want you for my wife,” he sheepishly muttered.

Gorgeous One turned and questioned, “What?”

“She’s lonely!” Nival chuckled. “Sorry! Hopefully an attempt at humor is better than no humor at all!”

Gorgeous One turned and smiled this coy, alluring, over-the-dendrite smile that paralyzed even further his frozen form while melting his heart to a degree that only men know exist.

“Hi, I’m Lena. You aren’t really married are you?” she asked.

Nival didn’t hear a word.

“Hello! I’m Lena. Are you really married?”

“I’m sorry – Lena – my mind was drifting. No, just kidding – it’s my one and only pick-up line.”

“You might want to work on those sometime” she said, just barely winking.

Just looking at her made it feel like Christmas. Unfortunately he knew nothing about this area of the heavens.

“I have never been this high before and I feel, feel different, lighter in some way.”

“This super cold is responsible for that. Everyone is more defined up here. You should try it more often Nival – you look hot. It’s kinda like being the sports car model of the ‘Recircs’.”

“Recircs?” Nival asked.

“Recirculators – those that fly down, turn a field white and then come back up just to do it all over again. There’s so much more to this universe. Come on, I’ll show you around.”

He noticed the unblemished acuity of the night sky for the first time. “I really wanted to find out more about wisdom and puri . . .”

Lena drew closer and nudged Nival with polyvalent persuasion. Two tips of their dendrites touched, and fit together perfectly.

Nival muttered, “Wisd . . . and . . . – Where are we going?”

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