LOST . . .

Are we in it? Are we in the range of that death-toll counter we see on the news each day? What can I do!?

Sit, and wait – and wait. Accept the sidelines, the bleachers. It’s dangerous out there. Settle for watching the statisticians running to and fro, and the managers updating their playbooks each hour. There’s popcorn, but you have to make it yourself.

We wait. We muse about the outcome as we feel as though we are being beaten to death with life-preservers. We hear silences that up until now have been unheard.

Things that were ours; the little breakfast hideaway, the job, safety of our loved ones, the future – all become blurry question marks. The concept of light, uncreated or otherwise, has lost its meaning. We learn to live life as shadows.

The need for our hope chests to be made of elastic is gone. There is no possibility of letting part of our time be played out by our subconscious because we are no longer who we were. That internal playlist of habits functions no more. Now, our actions, and our inactions, have meaning. They are generating the new ‘you’.

We are being slapped in the face with that cold, worn rag of unfamiliarity, over and over again. And bear in mind, those annoying slaps may just be whispers of future reminders.

How much can that camel carry? The weight of imperfection can add up quickly. It laughs at wishes for things to go away.

But, maybe, we have won the lottery and we’re on our way to pick up the check! We’ve realized that we can put a tourniquet on this virus pandemic and acquire personalized words and thoughts – of ascension – that breathe, and burn!

And also realizing that there just might be some ridiculously potent icing that may be concocted and spread all over this obnoxious, ugly pastry called CoViD-19, to swing all the so-called negative effects to positive.

The time has come to understand that many of us have been deeply stained by the toxins and circumstances this virus has inflicted on us.

This ‘lottery win’ may include an array of shared convictions that just now are ready for dissemination.

Are we to automatically be relegated to the sidelines? This pandemic is a matrix for learning, understanding, helping and envisioning. We are at home swimming around in the waters of abandoned happiness, making reckless uses of our valuable free time. As we aimlessly drift, praying for anything resembling a distraction, could we, for a moment or two, switch things around and focus on how these circumstances in which we find ourselves are critical to some fantastic outcome?

Lost. Are we? New maps are needed, to new destinations, for new reasons. That plush greenery on the other side of the fence – go plant it! This creativity that we all have, even though it may have been temporarily buried, resurrect it, now!

This could be the most vulnerable and valuable time in our lives. We need you, and you and YOU! We need each other. Deeply.


I don’t think so.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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