Nival Chapter Six

Nival 6

Chapter Six

Airborne again. No flight plan, no destination and no itinerary.

A fresh spring breeze buoyed Nival effortlessly. The field below afresh with oxygenated air from the abundant new growth everywhere caused an almost spiritual thought to occur to Nival. He ruminated about the answer to the question, “How am I supposed to react to this emancipation?”

The old, familiar train was coming down the track loaded with the old well-worn questions.

Which way is the wind carrying me? What is at the end? How will it be when I get there? It hadn’t been more than thirty minutes! How could he forget so quickly?

Nival had vowed to abandon his ‘thinking from conditions’ habit forever. He was a part of the Divine creation – a part that had helped a tree to grow, and a snowman to smile. He had made the adjustment from snowflake to water. He had endured the treachery of life through all parts of a tree. None of them were needed but were perfect reinforcements for his transition of thought.

‘Thoughts and feelings bring about conditions’. Using that as a stepping-stone, mental ideas about what he could do perfunctorily, began their procession. Float aimlessly for days, see all the great wonders of the world or meet your soul mate. Using super-snowflake reasoning he realized that this ‘type’ of list could be endless. His thinking was now imbued with the concept or notion of a ‘higher thought’ or force, which if known about and followed would proffer possibilities that would be infinitely more beneficial than those he would, or could, envision. Nival, flirting with genius, ascribed to the notion of – listening and looking before acting. But this was not the ‘stop and look’ type of pedestrian adage but one where any elucidated idea was passed through a personal feasibility and acceptability filter to assure its perfect fit with that of the higher lineage. The idea was scintillating and came with an impact equal to a new personal continent opening up. Upon this acceptance Nival floated physically, and now mentally, in his newly found bewilderment.

A kite was in the distance – freedom on a string. He wondered about the string and its necessity. What did it take to ‘be’ without the string? Maybe it was just having the capacity to ask that question.

There were potential friends everywhere. Nival wanted to share – not his new vista – but the new way he had to envision, and comprehend, his new vista. Thankfully, bewilderment brings with it a tincture of restraint. Nival floated, free, in awe – searching.

He saw below a sylvan wonderland with flowers in new bloom everywhere. There were clouds in a reflection from a calm lake – but no snowflakes! Immediately the fighter reemerged. “I’m Nival, I’m a snowflake! I . . .” The rhetoric of discontent stopped as quickly as it started. A soft blanket of nostalgia hushed his old thought pattern. This ‘thought-desire’ to return to snowflake status was accompanied immediately by a peaceful ‘higher acceptance’. He had never experienced a calmer, more perfect, reassurance.

With unchained contentment, Nival set his sights above – above the trees, above the mountains, above the clouds – to that place of instant sobriety, that place that is free of any kind of illusion or intoxication. He craved wisdom and purity for himself and for others.

Looking back, the kite was still there. The string was now invisible – but still wielded its unceasing, binding hold. The idea of a small pair of scissors made Nival smile.

He humbly headed upwards – in that direction where he believed were strains of nobility akin to him.

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