Nival Chapter Five

Nival Chapter Five ‘Up a Notch’

If it was a high-rise, the elevator was faulty.

Initially the ascension was novel – a free ride – but the quality of the lifting became the item of contention. The ‘pull’, the power of the lift, was sporadic at best. Some moments brought a hectic stampede through several cells only to be followed by long intervals of motionlessness.

The incorrigibility of the situation brought the idea of being a slave to Nival. There were no whips, chains or vehement orders shouted, but the confinement and the ‘pull’ supplanted them prodigiously.

Since existence, Nival had yearnings to transcend past experiences and to find expression in space and time. In the sullenness, a ‘que sera, sera’ attitude seemed to be the accepted behavior for those nearby – Nival chose a different strategy.

The largesse of darkness ushered in the completion of Nival’s capacity to search for inner meaning. He no longer was dependant on visible objects for his reasoning. He went to work, mentally.

He didn’t like the idea of his status as a minion, being the follower of some unknown force, not knowing why or for what purpose. This past feeling of ‘contentment’ started to be viewed as disguised hatred. In a semi-meditative state, in this non-volitant hinterland, Nival had an unusual but provocative thought, “Can I upgrade from the position of slave to one of reciprocity?”

The mental vagary restored his ability to smile. He remembered that questions often had been the answers. He let go and allowed the ‘tough’ questions to surface and foment. Questions like; ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where did I come from?, and ‘What is the meaning of life?’ presented themselves. A solemn reverie was created, a trance of which he was proud – an abstraction he was certain would be the foundation for future advancements. Nival marked it as a new starting point.

The tough questions quickly became relegated to secondary concerns. He wanted first – deeper understanding. The ‘physical’ life lessons were easily accumulated and assimilated, but the depths of the ‘principles’ were furtive.

With thoughts running around in NASCAR fashion, Nival wondered – is there one ‘higher thought’ that brings about our lesser thoughts? Using this cynosure as a focus, he considered what did prompt his thinking. Without exception, the conditions present at any time brought about his thoughts. Then, as if wisdom had been shined through a prism, one brilliant hue brought his needed enlightenment – thoughts and feelings bring about conditions! The counter-intuition was numbing.

Nival mused.

Rationality drew out clarification. Better thoughts and feelings would galvanize better conditions. The reins could be handed over to the imagination! Future surroundings could be determined now – all with a desire. Nival wanted up and out.

The ‘pull’ curtailed the musing and the fixation. A new leaf had formed a short distance away.

It needed Nival. Nival needed it. To Nival it felt like he was emboldened with – a gift? –

A special lubricant that enabled him to slide through the branch more quickly.

Nival’s journey took him to the tip where he luxuriated in the intoxicating rhythm of its movement. A last pull brought him to the surface where he was greeted by freedom, the warmth of the morning sun – and green. The green tip, which Nival was in part responsible for the creation of, caught the next breeze and Nival was airborne.

Using an old in-flight twisting motion, he turned to convey a special ‘Thank You’ to the provider of his freedom.


The Leaf nodded and waved goodbye.

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