I write, but I’d rather not. Better, perchance, would be to write silence. A silence that would bring words to you. As if I were baiting a hook with silence to encourage someone to move – and bite.

Perhaps to bring about a game that has no end. A game that anyone who wanted to could join. A game with no checkmate, no victor, no loser. A game fraught with surprises, the wonderful kind of surprises that invigorate life and give it meaning. Not the unwelcome variety that brings play to an end.

I want to be the reader. I want to hear possibilities of fun and play and magic, and engage with others to bring bliss into our lives via these possibilities.

I want to hear about boundaries, opponents and rules only to discover the best way to dispense of them. I want to play – and to enable others to enable others – to play.

I don’t want to write, I don’t want to put words on paper. Please, read between the lines. Really get something out of this. Begin to see yourself in this – in spite of these words. Do not depend on these paragraphs, or me, for anything. I will always be a disappointment.

Have no desire to play my game, nor anyone else’s game. It is time for YOUR game. A game about ascension, minus the rules, the dice, the board, the boundaries and the losers.

If possible, it’s about playing without beliefs. Leaving your god, your cares, your habits, your essence, at the doorstep. Then, going forward with the playful desire to surprise others with whom you come in contact in the highest and most delightful way. To ascend, and to bring someone with you. Even if the action part is difficult for you to perform, having the spirit of the game is quite enough.

These words are hopefully nothing more than a spider’s web, designed just to catch you and hold you long enough to realize that – this is all about YOU. It is about true openness and freedom, not only for you, but for everyone.

Can you imagine enjoying yourself, and playing, with only the idea to help others, surprise others and to make them happier than they were?

This ‘silence’ you have just read is just that, nothing more. It is not instructions or directions. It is not a ‘push’ to get something started. It is the quick viewing of an ephemeral butterfly, ‘silence on a hook’.


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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