Nival Chapter 2

Nival. Chapter Two

“Changes on the Way”

Nival and Fuzio beamed because of the joy they had brought to their newly found family and from the smiles they helped induce from the passing motorists.

As dusk approached, the two basked in the prismatic refulgence of the sparkling sunlight. When sunset did come, Nival and Fuzio touched their highest stellar dendrites. The peace of the evening solidified their friendship and they vowed to continue on this ‘mission’ together.

At about ten o’clock the next morning their repose was shattered. A long, orange, cone-shaped vegetable had become dislodged from above and on its descent had broken off part of the snowman’s lip. Other irregular chunks of snow, a few blades of subjugated grass and a supine carrot became their new vista.

As Nival contemplated his next strategy he became imbued with the strangest of feelings. He looked at Fuzio and saw what he sensed. Their crystalline sharpness was disappearing. Fuzio looked at Nival and saw the transformation in progress. His stare at Nival changed from quizzical to one of horror. With uncertainty rampant, Nival summoned super-snowflake powers and calmly said, “Don’t worry Fuzio, we’re just melting.”

Neither really understood the meaning of ‘melting’, and they were both scared. So scared, that the phenomenon of tears overtook them. Nival thought of those that had tried plastic surgery and contemplated the similarities of thoughts: What would happen if it didn’t work? What will I look like afterwards? Will I like the outcome?

As if anesthetized, they fell limp to the passage of time. The process took hours but seemed like days. There was no physical pain, but the pain of uncertainty as it pertained to their transfiguration, was extreme.

When the ordeal was over, two stunning droplets appeared side by side in parasitic luxury on a blade of grass. They gazed at each other uncontrollably.

Fuzio could not contain himself and blurted out, “I can see myself on you! I can see myself on you! Can you see yourself on me?”

The revelatory banter continued for hours as they scrutinized the reflective contour of their new shapes. Near midday, with their new identities accepted, another occurrence happened that was more astonishing than the conversion. Their combined weight and the force of a gust of wind caused the blade on which they were situated to bend. Fuzio glided toward Nival and came to rest touching his buddy. The parallactic views from this arrangement allowed either to see a reflection, or to peer right into the body of the other through the newly formed, shared membrane.

Nival was intoxicated with the surreal visions but pushed the euphoria aside. His attention turned to the safety of their journey ahead, and although they were physically close, there was a barrier, strange as it was, separating him from Fuzio.

No sooner had this thought materialized than another breeze came. This gust bent the grass further, pushing Fuzio harder into Nival. Their common wall expanded – and then the greatest trick of all time – it disappeared! It didn’t slide out of the way or crumble or anything like that. It just vanished! The two were now literally one in their new domed home.

Thinking about the miraculous things that had happened to them already, Nival and Fuzio talked about sharing their unique experiences with others and whether anyone would or could believe them. They paused the discussion and looked out. With advanced acuity they could see other droplets performing like magic on top of the carrot. They watched intently and discerned this ‘bonding’ was not as unique as they had first thought. As they were about to go back to the discussion, right in front of them two droplets merged and put on a beautiful coalescing glissando down the circumference of the carrot onto the ground below.

Nival’s attention went to the ground. He wondered what the earth held in store for them. He then thought about the day, the reflections, the translucent wall, the two-into-one trick, and the changing identities. He was waist-deep in uncertainty.

The wind was picking up. The blade of grass rocked back and forth. He prayed the support beam would hold until his, ‘their’, nap was over.

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