Nival Chapter One

Nival is an obscure word meaning; related to snow. It is also the name of a seven part collection of short stories about the life of a snowflake named ‘Nival’.

Here we go . . .

Nival Chapter One

The Adventures Begin

It was going to be a fairly long sojourn. At a rate of fall of about one foot per second, Nival’s quick calculations indicated that almost thirty minutes would be needed for the one-way descent. Nival had been swirling for thirty minutes before the upper breeze subsided, and although not an inveterate explorer, he seemed to understand a bit more than his peers.

As the descent began, he noticed that he looked very much like all his traveling companions, and closer scrutiny revealed that they all were imbued with a beautiful symmetry – almost as though someone had flung that common denominator into the heavens to affirm that rare dominion, to Nival, and to those akin to him.

Nival had to smile when the recognition came that concomitant with their similarities were even more wondrous individualistic traits – all his friends had unique qualities of which they could be proud! Nival beamed as he considered the endless possibilities of this ephemeral journey.

Shortly thereafter, however, Nival’s expression changed from elation, to one of searching and questioning – he began scrutinizing his purlieu. He spun around to see if he was missing something. In complete disbelief, he came to grips with his findings. This grand assemblage, of whom he was one, had been, in fifteen minutes or less, subjugated into a meaningless, drifting, accumulation of white specks.

Nival’s epiphany came moments later. This trip, our trip, is going to end shortly. This is not a; rehearsal, test, play, dream – nor is it a joke. This is all we have! His brain, realizing the impending time constraints, started immediately to try to get his ideas to anyone that could hear him and would listen.

He instantaneously taught himself to whirl and to do flips to attract attention. Just as quickly he discerned the voice qualities and the mannerisms that would provoke the greatest number to his realizations, and to action. To those closest to him, he spoke quickly and firmly, trying to amass a nucleus of like-minded individuals to spread the word. Not necessarily about their imminent plight, but about creating ideas that could be implemented immediately to better not only themselves, but also those they might have an affect on later.

Nival was obsessed with the idea of ‘not being just another snowflake’. He came up with possibility after possibility. Talk to your neighbors, determine what you love to do and go do it. Communicate with those below to try to establish an ‘early warning’ system to discern what exactly is happening down there. Try to discover benefits from snowflakes because of the differences that separate them and try to find benefits from the similarities that link them. On and on the ideas kept flowing.

The airborne experience was nearing its end. On the negative side, all of Nival’s efforts seemed ineffective. This was evidenced by the vacuous expressions on all the other visages he could see. Their lack of interest and apathy toward everything was shown dramatically by the ‘masses adrift’. Everyone doing just what their neighbor was doing, all content to literally ‘cast their fate to the wind’.

On the positive side, Nival did manage, by twisting and cavorting, to hook up in the air with Fuzio, a true friend who shared the ideas that Nival tried to purport. Immediately upon their bonding near-miraculous changes took place. Their cumulative intelligence flourished, mainly due to the synergy of the merger of their minds. Also, because they had doubled their size they could dramatically affect their trajectory.

They reasoned that they were a part of a major storm and that the best contribution they could make for the over-all good was to escape from it. Thus, they veered as far as they could away from the blizzard. Their reason was to disassociate from the potential burden the storm could cause others, and because they knew in their hearts it was the right thing to do.

Nival and Fuzio settled softly on a beautiful, lightly snow-covered front lawn, removed from the ravages of the nearby squall. They soon became part of a huge snowman that a father, along with his two young daughters, was building.

Nival and Fuzio became part of the snowman’s smile.

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