Is This Me?

Is this me?

Wrapped in my little night clothes,

wrapped in my little blanket,

wrapped in my little room,

in my little house,

in my little neighborhood,

in my little city.

Is this me?

Is this my life?

Glued to a little screen,

trying desperately to remember the touch of another’s hand in mine.

Friends, replaced by images or voices.

Gaps that have become to big to fill.

Lights left burning in unused rooms, powered by apathy.

The glass is not half full or empty, the glass is gone.

The crosswords look like little prison cells.

Food has no flavor, midnight is morning.

The train cars have all been uncoupled.

So many walks to nowhere.

Keep your love, just give me a meeting to attend.

Same questions, same thoughts.

Routines becoming routine.

Who emptied the cat?

Is that you?

The weather is nice.

I’ve lost other things that I couldn’t lose.

I’m just along for the ride.

Are you at a liquidation sale of your soul also?

Who stole the meanings of words like ‘love’ and ‘freedom’?

Are you whole?

Dreams now have more substance than life.

I dream of remembering emotions to hold back.

Crying is now a celebration.

Where are you?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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