Personal Corollaries

Suppose, that in the early morning sometime, you sit down with yourself to just ‘be’.

Perhaps with coffee in hand and a soft chair underneath you.

You have this so-called desire for freedom and the softness of the surroundings coaxes your eyelids shut and a slight introspection of ‘you’ begins.

At that moment, at that juncture, is there something there with you? Like a corollary, (something that naturally follows) if you ARE there, this other ‘something’ will always be there with you. It may be a thought, a god, a desire, a pain, a loss, a worry. Whatever it’s is, it has become an integral part of you.

It is inseparable from you. You have taken it in many years ago, fed and nourished it, gave it room to grow, stood up for it whenever needed. You literally dreamt it into existence. It is you!

But this morning, with your eyes shut, you sense the ridiculousness of trying to be free – and at the same time toting this concern, and possibly many others, around.

It may be time for an examination and a precedence check. The virus has acquainted us thoroughly with seclusion and isolation. Is today the day we realize ‘freedom’ may be a tad more important than we had thought?

Stay tuned. We’ll take a look at habits that grind us to a halt, and how ‘flow’ may be much, much more attractive.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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