If yesterday’s message was enticing enough for your indulgence, you may have found that just being ‘open’ and ‘desirous of something new’ in no way assures that the mundane will vanish.

Our lives are programmed and around 95% of what we do falls in this category. If the garbage needs to be taken out we trigger that algorithm in our brain and the task is robotized. Going to the gym, again? Not one new thought will be needed.

Making dinner, love, excuses, trip, judgment, etc. No thought is necessary. That is why when something different is wanted it is so hard to make that happen.

Aladdinize: verb tr.: To magically transport or transform someone or something.

Such a beautiful word and concept, with the emphasis on ‘magically’.

Getting in touch with new, higher thoughts requires the same type of algorithm, the same kind of memorized repertoire that gets the garbage taken out. But – with a touch of ‘magic’.

It, too, requires practice and repetition so the process flows, effortlessly.

But the practice itself – is most exquisite!

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  1. Aladdinize…LOVE IT!
    We do that very well together…playing in make believable is good stuff!♥


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