What Will You Find?

What is on people’s minds when they wake up?

The virus, or perfect health? Solitude or Infiniteness? Fault or perfection?

Whatever it is – that is what you will find!

Consider any aspect of life, good or bad; disease, freedom, hate, play, personal problems, giving, etc. No matter what your selection is, that is what will expand.

‘What is on people’s mind when they wake up?’ is not up to chance. Whatever was on their mind’s yesterday, whatever is important to them – that is what will be there in the morning, and all day for that matter.

If you are completely ecstatic about your thoughts, don’t change a thing.

If not, decide what it is that YOU want to be most important in your life.

For that – is what you will find tomorrow.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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