On One Condition . . .

A ‘condition’ is usually considered a prerequisite, or even a stipulation. Our dear media and advertising companies have used it for decades in the form – ‘Buy this and you’ll feel blank’.

And over the years we use that idea to negotiate life. If I get that new car I’ll feel marvelous. If I could look like that I’d be happy again. If I join that group all my worries will be gone and I am sure to be content.

Generally, the phrase goes, ‘If that happens I’ll feel blank’ and it means ‘Thinking from conditions to status’.

There is another possibility – how’d you guess!?

This feeling you desire, this joy you covet, the peace you so desire . . . You can attain that FIRST! There is so much to say at this juncture, but allowing yourself to rid it of all its questionable habits and just taking a look around yourself can do this. If something has to happen or something has to be acquired for a certain status to appear you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Get the feeling, be the feeling you desire – ON YOUR OWN – right now! All these conditions you experience are self-imposed. You learned them.

Content, blissful, happy, resourceful, peaceful – whatever it is that is alluding you, start becoming that with NO conditions needed, ever.

The results are magnificent.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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