Out of Site, Out of Mind

It was an anxious contractor that said that title!

A great friend just mentioned that she had quit watching T.V. and FB a while back because of the CoVid-19 and that she had become so much more happy and grateful because of it. What a beautiful comment. Thank you!

I’m sure you know others that seem obliged to obsess over the news and that obsession increases with the severity of the news. The axiom of ‘Out of sight’ sure applies here. There is still a switch. Just turn it off.

And with a slight extrapolation that truth can be applied to any negative you have in your life. Don’t feed it, don’t continue to give it life. Supplant that negative with some beautiful perfection. Feed that, focus on that.

My hope is that everyone has hung-in through this ordeal and is doing fine, and that we each emerge from the isolation more positive and happy.

Perhaps it’s time for your new ‘site’ or ‘sight’ or ‘mind’! Let’s arise from these potential doldrums – renewed, energetic and desirous of a better life for ourselves and all of our loved ones!


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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