Casually, laying around, enjoying the pre-dawn darkness. Nothing on my mind. Then this ‘voice’ or ‘idea’ says to me, ‘You ought to write an entry in the blog.’ I reached for the iPad but was stopped dead in my action. I asked myself, ‘Who is really running this life?’

‘I’ – made no suggestion to write. That idea just appeared. But, from where?

Further inspection revealed that this ‘I’ that I use to express the concept of ‘self’ just does not exist. ‘I’ don’t select what I am going to say or what thought will appear next. All that is given to me (us) and I have no say whatsoever about its contents.

You going somewhere? Not until this ‘voice’ tells you to.

Do we actually ‘think’ or are we fed all the ideas we have ever had or will have?

Can you or I have one thought independent from this source?

Just one?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Perhaps you can discern the source of the voice by the purity of the thought. Perhaps the clearest discernment comes as one turns off the outer noise…and inner judgements…and turns on the willingness to receive the most uncontaminated revelation.
    This might be the highest service anyone can give their attention to especially at this time. Creating a place where the ‘virus’ cannot be entertained…cannot be given any power.


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