Recipe for Today

A big tract of land

One path maker

4 cups of moonlight

Assorted birds

A mile long lake

One very tall, invisible pole.

Wind in assorted bursts

167,220 small trees

10,200 truckloads of old decaying leaves, bark and twigs.

A couple thousand little crawly creatures

Large assortment of bugs, bees, spiders, snakes and insects.

Level off the land and dispose of anything that could be construed as garbage. Insert lake. Plant trees with perfect randomness throughout the land. Distribute decaying matter under and around the trees. While casually walking through the nearly finished assemblage, drag the path maker behind you. Walk back on the pathway you just created and intermittently allow some creepy crawly things and snakes to escape. Start the wind machine and set it to random. Fasten the moon to one end of the pole and stick the other end into the ground. Allow the birds to take flight and find their new homes. Wait a couple hundred years. Then, go visit regularly.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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