To Higher and Greater Extents

Happy Easter!

For many, this is a wonderful day for rejoicing.

No matter what your choice is for belief, or non-belief, there is a question that can be asked in this context, and moreover, in any discussion possible.

‘How can this be made better?’

For the word ‘this’ in the above question, consider the potential betterment if we substitute for – ‘it’ – ideas such as; the virus, my health, my recurring problem, my addiction, etc. The question takes anything in your life and puts a positive spin on it.

How many hours have been spent talking about how awful the ramifications of the virus are? That one question that keeps you awake at night – how many useless hours have you spent with it spinning around?

As soon as any subject is substituted, the process becomes uplifting.

I’ll leave you to imagine the many examples that may take place and the hours that may be put to more productive outcomes.

In five minutes ‘the next five minutes’ will have come and gone.

How can they be made better?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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