Moving In

‘Inquiline’ means; an animal that takes over and lives in the home of another.

Granted, there is not much similarity to humans, but here’s the thing. When our head touches the pillow and our eyes shut, we can recognize ourselves at our address, the one we have been at for years, with all the idiosyncrasies that come along with it. Replete with all the problems and concerns of the past. Or, we can consider the role of an inquiline and picture ourselves living anywhere else we choose.

Everything changes, including us and our circumstances. A new abode may bring delights to our lives that were never before imagined. With just a thought we can be atop a ranger’s platform in the mountains, or floating on an iceberg, or scuba diving.

From our new nest we can conceive of alternative ways of living. That person that you keep thinking about, how would you handle that situation if you lived in the middle of a desert or in a rat hole?

If your concerns are minimal, where would you live to maximize your bliss? That ‘Chalet de Chamonix’ in France? Or in a tent in the woods surrounded by snow-capped mountains and wildlife? Be an inquiline. Exploit the situation just for your benefit.

That pesky recurring thought you have from your past, go somewhere so magical, so inventive, so perfect that petty little issues like that one just disappear. Find it. Move in! Experience everything your new purview has to offer. If it’s not good enough, just get another location.

When you find something close to perfection, start making it your own. Anything you want. A stream with a little bridge? How about some morning fog with your coffee? Or even a storm while you listen from bed, under your comforter? Neighbors? No neighbors? Cable cars, snow drifts, skiing, golf, hot tub, wine, energy, purpose, emancipation, freedom!? Soothe your mind. Do whatever it takes to bring yourself to a place of not concerns. Memorize that address. Learn the best shortcut to get there.

Anything, anything is possible. Revisit it often and each time bring something or get rid of something to make it even better. Luxuriate! Practice luxuriating! Become a master at it.

Just maybe, you’ll be creating a spot for another very fortunate inquiline.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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