Mental Airbnb

Some ideas we have picked up over our lifetime had different types of glue on them. Most seemed to have this watery Elmer’s glue that was nothing more than sticky. But there are others that had this epoxy stuff on them and over the years cured into an unyielding batch of hardened stone.

Please bear in mind one important idea . . . this glue knew nothing about the purity or worthiness of what is was gluing TO you. Nor did it care one iota. It just did its job, and quite well at that.

As we continued through life, others saw us with the attachment. It was talked about, and since it had become PART of you, you started to stand up for it, come up with reasons you chose that attachment and not another. A NEW you was conceived that included what this epoxy held to you.

But, as secure as it is fastened to you, it is no more ‘you’ than a well-worn backpack would be. The difference is that with ‘time’ comes association and time has caused you to accept this facet AS you.

Perhaps the proximity is doing you well. But could there be an ‘update’ that you have missed downloading? Could there be a brand new app that has what your attachment has PLUS much more? Or maybe, the app and all its contents are so out of date it is time for deletion.

Airbnb may be the answer! Not for us to travel necessarily, but to allow a tiny part of what is ours to used by something else.

Minds are sacred. Even any modification or addition to them is sacrosanct.

There is this ‘idea’ of the Infinite which has to do with the highest and most subtle conscious energy. It may sound ridiculous to you, or sublime. You may have no attraction to it, or you may be quite interested. Either way, I humbly ask this . . .

In Airbnb style, but inside your wondrous mind, create a small little area in which the Infinite could reside. Just give It a place to live. Then leave it completely alone.

That is it, there is no more.

Whether or not It moves in – is not your concern.

You’re just providing a test spot for Its suitability.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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