Our True Nature

Last night, the coyotes were silent and the trees howled.

Perhaps we, as a group of survivors, are beginning to look for a new genre of answers to the unusual questions we have most recently amassed. As if we are going on a camping trip to a completely unknown forest and we’re looking for our Eagle Scout manual to assist in reacquainting ourselves with the knowledge needed to negotiate the trip.

But, the silence of the coyotes are a harbinger of change. This ‘forest’ we are now in is truly unique to us. Why have the coyotes ceased to howl? Is it that their instincts are more in tune with change? That they already understand what is going on and have already adjusted, while we stand on the shore fishing for anything that will be an asset for our safety?

The concept of ‘fishing’ here is a good one. That is what everyone is doing, watching the news, searching for something to devour. But what if we modified this fishing concept? What if we did away with the boat, tackle box, rod, reel and focused on how we are attracting the ‘fish’.

Just picture the little hook in your hand and your selection of bait. What would be the best bait possible for catching what you really need?

Consider – baiting your hook with silence. Immediately the limitations of what you might catch are erased. Your catch-for-the-day can come from anywhere.

Maybe the coyotes just get this. They change automatically. It is their ‘true nature’. And maybe it is our true nature also. It may be in us all along, but hidden from us as we collected items that weren’t our true nature over the period of our life.

It has to be that way . . . When was the last time you saw a coyote with bait?

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. I’m sitting on the dock of the bay.
    My hook and tackle are baited with awareness.
    Ready, willing, allowing only for the big ONE!

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