We’re walking on a busy street. We stop, turn and gaze into each others eyes. Our lips meet and the typical amount of elation accompanies the kiss. Our faces slowly separate and again we are eye to eye. We gently join hands. Ten seconds of perfect happiness ripped right out of the heart of an afternoon that had no intent of imparting joy to anyone.

But then, together, we begin rising, straight up. There are the tops of peoples’ heads, the tops of buildings. Clouds appear below, partially hiding the city. Straight up, with no feeling of wind or changing gravity. Straight up. There’s the earth below, now the solar system. All of the nearby heavenly bodies become just another cluster of tiny light-spots not unlike anywhere else in the heavens. Up. Up.

And then we stop, still holding hands. We again look into each others eyes. Our lips slowly touch, again. Our eyes close. Floating effortlessly, this kiss takes on new meaning. Neither of us now have any hidden agendas, they left a million miles ago along with every other impurity. This kiss is pure, void of any shortcoming. With every nerve ending in our lips stimulated, we begin to feel the compassion in the other. Our faces inch apart ever so slowly, eager to see the euphoria only eyes can express, and just their sparkle introduces us to the uncontaminated partner each of us has just become. It is a moment of mutual honor, but ‘reverence’ holds the upper hand. We float there, hand in hand, taking in the wonderment and peace. No words, no whispers, no actions would be warranted. No words, no whispers, no actions could make anything better.

Again, we rise, straight up. Tilting our heads slightly we notice the galaxies that are so apparent in the distance begin to disappear. Up. Up. Until there is nothing. There we pause. Now there is no ‘up’. There is no right and left. There is no right and wrong. ‘Majesty’ rules here, along with her big sister ‘Bliss’. There is no – thing. Nothing upon which to pin a name, or a definition. We go to kiss once more but our faces pass right through each other’s, and at that moment we realize our connection to the infinite. The endless, immeasurable, unbounded – infinite. And we wallow, and we play, taking in as much as we can of the limitless freedom. We experience, then give thanks, experience, then give thanks – all without words.

As two tiny specks we discover that we can expand, and we then understand that we can comprehend more universal truths which now seem much more obvious – and delicious.

We expand again, and ‘Bam’ – there is everything again! There we are, right back on that same busy street with the buildings and the people, but just as clear to us now are all the other cities on earth and all the people in them, and all the trees and all the animals, and all the galaxies. Every hair follicle, every insect, every speck of dirt takes on advanced importance. They are all part of us, and we are part of them.

With one final glance into each other’s eyes we share an incisive smile, turn, and head off – in a direction unknown to either of us.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. ONE!
    Out Beyond…
    On the beach at Sam’s…
    A boardwalk on St Marteen…
    The hallway on the Rotterdam…
    Up Up Up…
    Anywhere can be Nowhere…
    Out Beyond Up…
    Why I Love You…


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