Walls and Solidarity

The virus has fragmented our existence. The concern of ‘walls between countries’ has been reduced to the ‘walls in our house’. The belt around the waist of our freedoms is tightening daily. Muzzled are our latent desires for togetherness.

Our desires for solidarity . . .

have been snipped and they now flounder . . .

Positive ‘expansion’ of any kind is being brought to a halt. With a video screen of some type being our only windows, it can truly feel like solitary confinement, as if we are subjects in a cage.

Now, more than ever, the idea of escape takes on a renewed and almost sacred appeal. One of our last liberties is the ability to think – about what we want and in our way. The close proximity to walls can thwart that freedom drastically.

The answer is – to go above those walls. To elevate our minds high enough to see over all the garbage that is going on. To consider renewed solidarity – above these worldly circumstances that are crippling our lives and our minds.

This is personal, ladies and gentlemen. There are little prison cells everywhere, all types of enclosures, fences, walls and barriers. But, NONE of them have ceilings, they are completely open at the top. It is up to each and every one of us to discover how to take advantage of those escape possibilities.

Get claustrophobic! Don’t settle for numbing drugs or alcohol. Get the hell out of there. Allow higher thoughts only from this moment on. Look for expansion, vastness and purity. And if you can’t find them – MAKE THEM!

Realize that your wonderful mind can operate fully, anywhere. Take the little box you are in and make use of every inch of it. Deem it your new Wonderland. A place where your most excellent life continues, or is born. Give thanks, right now, that the wondrous matrix that is here, right now. And begin to take advantage of every aspect about it.

Rejoice! View this time not as one of limitation, but one of abundance. Achieve solidarity but only with those who can also see over top of their walls.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Hallelujah Brother Kumi!
    Right on.
    Right on.
    Right on.
    When we reflect on this time in some future future now we will be blown away by what we have been willing to receive or not! Free Will reigns…in life and death!


  2. What SHE said! I’m peeking over my walls and there YOU BOTH ARE, peeking back at me. Just finished “going to church” with ZOOM! An awesome way to connect with community and Spirit family!!! LOVE TO KUMI & MM!


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