Contrast 2

Let’s call the picture on the left ‘Competition’ and the one on the right ‘Cooperation’.

As we now take center stage in our isolation, how we accept ourselves matters greatly. ‘Competition’ (picture #1) is trying to make sense of all the injustices imposed on her and perhaps pondering worst-case scenarios the future may have in store.

‘Cooperation’ (picture #2) is accepting herself in the present moment. Experiencing peace, accepting reality and in silent oneness allowing growth of the Infinite kind.

#1 could be watching the news, piling up more and more negativity, as if it were her duty to memorize all the problem spots and the metrics associated with each one.

#2 is open to the highest and best possibilities – and also to the tiny but exquisite gems that appear but are unnoticed because of a person’s immersion in grief. Little ideas like how to handle mentally what is going on around us. Calling people who are infected ‘pilgrims’ or ‘founders’. Euphemisms, sure, but they change unhealthy thinking patterns to owners which can actually bring about positive change.

If the two women were all of a sudden six feet apart, what would ‘Competition’ say to ‘Cooperation’? And what might ‘Cooperation’ say to ‘Competition’? What does a prisoner say to God?

And really, this whole idea of ‘accepting’ yourself is incorrect in that it assumes we can’t change or adapt. Humans adapt almost overnight. Remember 9/11? Perhaps the message this virus brings is about change and adaptation.

In closing, two suggestions . . . first, empathy can take us to levels of being too sensitive, where the empathizer internalizes the problems of the other and becomes infected themself. Compassion is a great substitute for empathy.

Second, I fervently wish I had the words of love, caring, understanding and compassion to the extent where it really made a difference – to everyone. I realize that is far from reality. So I ask of you, if there are words that you would love to hear, expressions that would actually ease the discomfort, ideas that would bring you hope and peace, please – let them be known to all of us.

All the best to everyone . . .

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. This piece spoke to me…thank you…for many this time is bringing up the old unresolved stuff of regrets, resentments, unfilled dreams, the shouldas, the couldas, the if onlys of the past. It’s shining a spot light on those things that we keep shoving under the proverbial rug…trying our best to numb our past regrets with Jack Daniels, porn, chocolate, Mary Jane, fried chicken, pills, your favorite ‘nummer’. What tops the list of addictions is the human condition of security in its many forms. The addiction to be safe. The addiction to giving our power away to some politician, preacher, some one, something outside ourselves.
    It’s seems that right in the middle of where we find ourselves today the security gods we have relied on to take care of us…mainly religion, medicine and government…all those voices that say “I’ve got the answer, I’ll show you the way’ are just as venerable and clueless as the rest of us. Perhaps this time is what folks are calling the great ‘leveler’ of humankind…the global leveler. We are all playing on the same field, on the same team…the humaniteam. No more sects, divisions, lefts or rights, color, creed, good or bad, no more…no more…no more. Perhaps only in the ‘no more” …the surrender…comes the answers we have been searching for…perhaps it’s not about ‘more’ like we’ve always taught…but …in the ‘no more’ we discover a new identity never thought possible before…in the surrender of all that really hasn’t worked…what works is revealed.


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