You may have noticed, there has been a shift.

Not that our thoughts were ever unimportant, but now – they mean much more. As if we have come out of the ocean and now sit on an isolated beach, uncomfortable.

The beach has not changed, just the number of inhabitants and our perspective. The critical issue here is how we accept ourselves when we are alone.

Gaps now show up and there is no one with which to fill them. Yes, this is about accepting ourselves, but moreover – continually accepting ourselves. It will bring about learning who we really are when we are not immersed in all the distractions of yesterday.

Your mentality / crowd mentality. Your thoughts / thoughts from everywhere. What things mean to you / what others think. How you do it on your own / watching others.

‘You’ have been brought into focus – you, alone. The spotlight is on you. This is a unique matrix in which we now live. Freedom, the ‘individual’ kind, is now in abundance like never before.

Curse it – or exult in it. Your choice. If the latter is chosen you may notice that who you really are wants to step forward, wants to experience the spotlight, wants to be responsible for creating a personal life exactly as you want it.

With extreme emphasis on ‘exactly’.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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