The Cheatin’ Side of Town (4)

As fate would have it, many governments yesterday (including France) due to virus concerns, brought the kibosh to using small houses, etc. for recreational purposes, even though those facilities would only be used from a mental standpoint.

Perhaps we’ll have to wait until the ban is lifted and the containment effort is eased. But really, the containment never leaves, does it?

How many years do we have to experience the strength of the fence around us? The same fence that has been there for as long as we can remember. That same fence we have come to assume is just part of who we are.

We always ‘knew’ we couldn’t leave the box, now we can’t even think outside of it.

Give the wall a couple of days, we’ll get used to it. It was part of our trajectory anyway, wasn’t it?

Lowe’s has a special this weekend on ivy.

Since we’ve accepted the fact that there is going to be a new wall, let’s at least make every effort to making it pretty.

And have no concern for its height. The importance of that metric has long since passed. If there’s any kind of a wall, we’ll be behind it. You can count on that. Government, or no government.

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