The Cheatin’ Side of Town (3)

Your chalet awaits . . . your man-cave, woman-cave, retreat, haven, refuge, utopia.

This secretive spot is unique, immersed in exquisite splendor, but known more for what is NOT included. The entire surrounding ambience is grief-free. Moods like worry and regret are not even possible here. It is also a no-problem-zone, eliminating ever worldly concern imaginable. It is turning our attention away from earthly issues and listening for expressions from a higher source.

This is your venue for Magic. If France is not your cup of tea, move it to what is perfect – for you. Don’t like chalets? Bring on an igloo or a palace or a tree-house. Customization rules. Make every detail exactly as you would want it to be, with comfort abounding.

Luxuriate in its discovery. Add facets that make your contentment soar. Exult, rejoice, emancipate. This escape – is just for you. Make it astounding!

Now, start using your showplace. Get in the hot tub, then make it better. Put your feet up. Make it better. Have that iced tea, or cigar, or glass of wine. Make it better. Feel that pillow under your neck. Make it better – make it perfect!

Allow nothing to complete with this perfection. Learn your special way of tweaking unwanted annoyances out of existence. This perfection is your Majesty. Make it pure, sacrosanct, idyllic. Make it a place to which you will always want to go.

With each visit, allow a stronger version of freedom to fill your senses. If you notice a tether or two still remaining, just give thanks for it and let it go. There is nothing there to sustain tethers. They will vanish on their own.

Peace. Freedom. Emancipation. Clarity. Purity. Silence. Unboundedness. Love. Insight. All these, and much more await. Take nothing with you when you visit. Those problems with which you wrestle have no place here. This place of Majesty is about elevation. It is about rarefying, refining, purifying. Exclude contaminants. Bring nothing but openness and the desire to experience.

Welcome to the mountains.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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