The Cheatin’ Side of Town

Something NEW! Exciting. Provocative. Intoxicating. Erotic! Spicy!

Replete with those little ‘surprises’ that keep you coming back for more.

It starts with that little notion one day that the patch of greener grass just around the corner may just be worth exploring. The time has come for more – stimulation.

‘Courting’ – it sure has been awhile. Haircut. New perfume/cologne. Fingernails. New top. Restaurant. Destination. Thoughts about the perfect opportunity to disengage begin.

To disengage from what? Routines, well-worn thought patterns, surroundings, some situations, some people, some worries.

Really, it is time for a change – to something vibrant, mischievous, playful, enticing, and ENERGIZING.

And this could be the BIG one. The one that alters your life in all areas. The one that creates goodies so rich and rewarding you feel like you are in a perpetual dream. The one that supersedes all others and leaves you breathless every time you choose a rendezvous.

But . . . this ‘disengaging’ has an element of risk. You might be identified. You might feel as though you are a fugitive. You might actually DO things that you have never done. You might go outside of your safety zone. You may land in a little waterfront town in Italy, or a chalet in the French Alps, or a little skiff wandering the coast of Norway, or a lone iceberg by the South Pole.

If you are at a cross-roads and you are saying, ‘I don’t care where we are going, let’s just go!’ – come back tomorrow and you may find the start of a voyage you could never have imagined in ten lifetimes, waiting just for you.

BTW: Don’r pack. Don’t plan. Don’t guess. And bring NO baggage, NONE.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. First cruise…yes…grateful…
    thank you…magic…missed the Saturday dance…and had sooooo much more!!! Really different without you…don’t get around much anymore!


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