Talking is like Watching Smoke in a Hurricane

We all are more isolated but with extra time available. Can we exploit these circumstances for our benefit? Here is my suggestion . . .

Since our interactions with people happen without their presence, could we not attempt to actually listen more more intently to them?

We all are masters of reacting, especially on the telephone. Except in very special cases there is almost no communication. Our discussions become nothing more than sitting, waiting for a pause and then filling the void with our anecdotal responses.

We don’t talk, we react. Reciting stories we have told hundreds of times as though there is a prize for no pauses and prolixity (when rhetoric is too verbose and drawn out).

Could we not instead take turns saying sentences to each other? And not sentences of random worth, but ones based on trying to UNDERSTAND exactly what the other person is trying to say. How welcome that would be!

Pauses may actually occur and be most welcomed because thought and understanding is taking place and not the recitation of something we already ‘know’.

Can you imagine the joy in hearing a question from a friend asking if you would explain something more thoroughly? Or to paraphrase or to give another example or a metaphor?

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