Best Words

The voices of an a cappella celestial choir cascade through your mind and you believe they might be of real value. You read a poignant quote and realize its truth is something you have been looking for forever. The message from a movie or song touches your heart and becomes a life changing moment.

Can written words do that? And if so, are there ‘best words’ that would bring the reader unsurpassed elevation?

These words would have to be the choicest gems whose rarity would completely sidestep our mechanism for comparison. Rhetoric so pristine it would be in a class by itself, incomparably above any of its peers.

The ‘best words’ would be about YOU, and what you think about yourself. They would capture what makes you – You – in the highest form. This ‘highest form’ having nothing to do with looks, personality, wit or intelligence. No, the ‘highest form’ having to with the ‘you’ that you keep secret and hidden deep within. The ‘best words’ would be exclusively about your inner secret.

The ‘inner secret’ is an entity, a force, a knowing, a reclusive nugget that confidentially confides its latent powers only to you. Perhaps it’s dormant, maybe still unborn or hidden beneath layers of impractical irrelevance that we intentionally allowed to accumulate.

But no matter how well obscured, any quiet moment can bring that subtlety to your senses.

The ‘best words’ would not be about the individual we know as ‘you’, but they would be about your real essence – your inner secret.

What are the ‘best words’ for you? They are perhaps unknown. However, if you believe they are worth knowing and maybe even essential, reflect on your inner secret. Let it be borne. Care for it. Nourish it. Let it grow. Keep your attention there.

What you’ll receive in return will be the ‘best words’ you could ever hear.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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