Triumphant Conquest

Unique times are here! Isolation, lockdown, containment, closings.

We all see the notifications on T.V. but it is up to US as to what what those notifications mean. We view things being eliminated temporarily from our lives like restaurants, sports, friends and family and gatherings of all types. It is so easy to see the negatives in all of these.

But, by flipping a few mental levers we can shift our perspective and start looking for the absolute best that these times are going to bring. There are possibilities like on-line groups and home projects, and this unique time may be exactly what is needed for YOU.

It appears this way of life will be around for months and if we dwell only in the negative for that long our results may be worse than any viral concerns we could encounter.

How can I use this time of isolation in the most magnificent way? How are these new challenges really blessings in disguise? How am I going to make this period in my life the best ever!?

This is the perfect time and place for a unique, life-changing personal victory over anything you may want.

All the best, to all of you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your positive words and thoughts…they are good reminders in this time of uncertainty. As we focus on revealing the hidden treasure in this time for each of us…it just may turn out to be the biggest blessing in our lives. Perhaps taking time away from the ‘world’ and having to self isolate will bring self evaluation and reflection we haven’t given ourselves. Thank you for what you do…and what you offer always makes me think the deeper thoughts.❤


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