The Fear of No Fences

None of us have escaped acquiring some of the ugly mannerisms of the world. In certain circumstances we can’t help but become defensive, hurt, revengeful and caustic. And as much as we all realize the unproductiveness and the discomfort associated with argument and retaliation, it seems they have become an inseparable part of our lives.

Many years ago the thought came that it would be possible to interact, discuss and reason with every other individual – IF – we both were coming from the same point of no bias.

Hypothetically, as if two people met on another planet and had to work together to survive, imagine the purity of rhetoric then. Each person would be keenly interested in the thoughts of the other. The underlying motive would be to create, to understand, to build, to strengthen. The two participants would be standing together facing in the SAME direction. They would be on the SAME team.

Fanciful? You bet. Impossible? No!

For this to happen it only requires one prerequisite – no bias. No life-long beliefs, no preconceived agendas or self-serving strategies. Nothing. No ideas you have to mention because you have mentioned them all your life to anyone who would listen. Nothing.

Envision a time of pure discovery. PURE DISCOVERY. No one sharing their age-old ideas of how someone else did something. No reference to methods of the past. Pure discovery coming from fresh insights, building on each other’s thoughts toward magnificent creations.

This comes from non-believing and non-belonging. If you believe something or belong to something that I don’t that establishes a formidable FENCE between us whose mere existence shows our differences.

Can we share a period of time, of any length, where we have NO differences? Can we hide or forget ALL of our cherished beliefs, just for a couple of minutes?

To be able to do that is freedom. Something in which we, as part of the masses, have been discouraged to partake.

Is it that difficult to postpone belief for just a little while? Is there some kind of associative fear that some unwanted emancipation may occur? Perhaps it’s the correct path and we won’t admit it.

The sentence above, ‘To be able to do that is freedom.’ must be changed . . .

To DO that – is freedom.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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