Fomite Avoidance

Having long been a logophile (lover of words) it is interesting that this new virus we are all involved with has revealed a derivative of the word ‘foment’ (to promote the growth of). The new word, at least to me, is ‘fomite’ (an object, like a doorknob, that may be contaminated with infectious organisms).

There is limited information on CoVID-19 fomites, and that information is not definitive. It appears the average ‘life’ of infections on fomites is 1-3 days and it can remain intact while airborne.

One reputable news source said our country will be quite different for at least a year, considering the elimination of sports gatherings, school closings, business adaptations, etc.

In this little group we have that ‘gets together’ each day, perhaps we can socially unite and become a virtual force that not only benefits us, but others too. We all are facing increased isolation and to bolster our individual resources by combining into a viable group may be quite beneficial in bringing answers that would not be attainable by solitary effort.

I know a bit about potential platforms that could be used for this, like GoogleGroups, but if anyone wants to assume that key position, please let us all know.

In the meantime, I wish everyone peace and perfect health – and a cure for raw hands that have been washed too often!

Here’s to fomite avoidance!

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  1. We are a mighty force for good uniting our thoughts and feelings in supporting each other and the others who are ready and willing to:
    Elevate and Align with the
    highest and purest Source of Infinite Freedom, Love, Wisdom and Life. We have been called to this time…we are being given an opportunity ‘right now’…in this moment to lift up and out of this world and birth a new way of Being. The virus is our collective contraction…the pains of this world nuging us out of complicity…into a new way yet to be discovered. We are each other’s midwives/…thank you for being willing…to be free…to rise up and out of what no longer works and ready to explore the expanded consciousness of what we came here to be. What an amazing adventure!!! Congratulations!!!
    ❤Here…take my hand(washed, rinsed and sneaky clean)…breathe…we can do this…breathe…we are One.


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