Contrasting Art

For some, the Norman Rockwell painting on the left is the proper way to convey thoughts and feelings via art. And, with a bit of practice, the abstraction in the middle can be appreciated.

But what happens when ideas, answers, or even questions don’t conform to our necessity of having words that can describe them?

The abstraction is still meant to convey a worldly message, that words can accomplish. But things which are higher, what then, where words or paintings are useless?

Enter ‘right frame’. It is blank. It has to be blank to be ‘totally indeterminate’ – able to accept anything. There are no colors, no lines and no forms because it is bias-free. The bounding lines are there just to depict a third image. Please erase them mentally.

This third area represents unbounded freedom where ‘anything goes’.

Its beauty, is truth.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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