How Hungry Are You?

Have you been to that new diner called Karma? There is no menu. You get what you deserve.

A cute quip. It is interesting though that we always have our own menu. No matter what the task or choice, our mind is ALWAYS there with a remembered array of possibilities.

What do you want to do today? What are you going to do with these words this morning? No matter what the question, our mental menu automatically unfolds and we choose our response from it. We rarely opt for something higher from which to pick. Our trusty worldly, mental menu is our starting point and ending point – and if the answer is not on it we just say ‘I don’t know.’

What if life were like the Karma Kafé and there was no menu? Every choice, big or small, would be a new experience. Sure, we could immediately start to compose fresh, worldly menus, but what might be the outcome if we abandoned the menu strategy and began just listening and allowing the highest, most pure answers, to come to us? We’d begin receiving thoughts and answers that are NOT filtered by our human limitations.


What a concept!

Are you hungry enough to even consider what you deserve today?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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