Blanket of Appreciation

On the radio yesterday I listened to a gentleman talk about money. He had earned millionaire status and had encouraged others to do the same.

He used three concepts; billionaire, millionaire and thousand-aire. He would be talking with a person (around 50 years old) who had $200K to invest and said this. ‘You are 50 and have amassed $200K in those fifty years. A million is a thousand thousand dollars. You would have to earn $800K to become a millionaire and that just won’t happen because you have no idea how millionaires think.’

He then went on to say that he decided to try to become a billionaire. He found no books or videos anywhere to help him. One day a friend mentioned that he had an acquaintance that was a billionaire and they set up a meeting,

At that meeting the billionaire asked, ‘How much money do you have to invest?’ He said, ‘$10 million.’ The acquaintance said, ‘It takes 1,000 million to become a billionaire. You are fifty years old, you need $990 million more to become a billionaire, there is no way that will happen. You don’t know how to think like a billionaire.’

We can dispose of the money part here and just focus just on the ‘ascension of thought’ concept. Is it not true that most of us have ideas no higher than the thousand-aire status? What to wear, where to go, when, what to eat, who to see, how to fix, etc.

It feels as though a heavy, self-conceived blanket hovers over our heads, creating an upper void above, to which visitation rights are non-existent. This blanket was put in place by others who came before us – but we accepted it. We probably even patched it a few times ourselves. It has become the upper limit of our lives.

And we rationalize this blanket by saying things like, ‘There is enough to worry about at this level, how could I ever go higher – how could I go beyond THE boundaries?’

Perhaps we could consider dollars to be ‘grams of freedom’ or ‘tokens of emancipation’. Choose your own analogy but please consider that the blanket can be cut, dissolved or rended. Exactly like a person has to learn to think like a millionaire to become one, we must tear asunder the blanket to experience what is above. Each time that is done another few grams or tokens are ours. The trials and experimentation become easier as we become more acquainted with the new territory.

Soon, things that are insignificant fall away, replaced by things that are cherished. Then comes a time when you realize this territory is viable – and habitable! It can become a new life, and a new home – of priceless value –

thought into existence.

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