Time to Move On?

Kitty is here again, my lap being chosen this morning.

The quality of my lap is good for about eight minutes, tops. Then, a little push from the hind legs and out the door she goes. Not sure where, but it is better than my lap at that point in time.

Cats enjoy, fully, with no cares of eating too much or sleeping too long. I imagine they experience Bliss when they sleep, and not just the perfunctory, everyday Bliss. No, they meander around, checking out lighting, sources of comfort, potential annoyances, vantage points – everything. They learn where the point of highest ascension is and then take complete advantage of it – when the time is right.

But even if the search has just started they may decide to luxuriate right in the middle of a highly traveled step. No reason, just to experience bliss from a new perspective. Perhaps that is done just to inform us humans, that it is possible – that it really IS possible.

They know they have it all and it is as if they want to show us how to live. No agenda, no protocol, no desires. Just stroll around and if some enjoyable thing is discovered in your path, go enjoy it – then take a nap and get you some more of that real Bliss.

There are no fences to even consider except to jump up on for a better view. They have no problems, because they bring no concerns with them. No past grudges, no need for anything other than a place to lie down.

A one word vocabulary that suffices perfectly for all situations.

An uncanny knowledge of knowing when enough is enough – about everything.

Theirs is an area of sublimity. It’s past ‘figuring things out’. It’s past even knowing or caring that there are things to figure out. It’s exaltation in its highest form. Pure acceptance, doing the perfect thing at the perfect time with complete freedom.

Watch one. Experience one. Watch how it experiences.

A constant, four-legged course in perfect living.

‘Enough is enough’ – what critical wisdom.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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