Cat Calls

Yesterday, after the subtle acknowledgement that the format of this blog should be reconsidered, the Infinite obligingly posited this . . .

Suppose the blog was the best. You wanted perfect input on any subject you just searched for that subject and you’d come in contact with the most poignant, prolific and profound words on that subject.

But, the blog would become another god, a fence would go up around it and the readers would declare to themselves that to be a NON-READER is a sin. And people may die if they don’t ascribe to the teachings of the blog.

We don’t need another entity of any kind to ‘believe in’. No more fences, no more deaths of any kind. The Infinite does not want your allegiance, your money – nothing. It is like a flimsy ‘understanding’. It is everything but is so subtle it appears as nothing. Crazy words, I know, but that is all that is possible when something is truly ineffable.

I am sitting with one arm hanging over the side of the chair. Underneath my hand is my cat, occasionally rubbing her face on the back of my fingers. It is delightful; soft, warm, friendly and elusive. Much like a relationship with the Infinite.

You can read about tender touches, but unless they are experienced firsthand their Magic is not understood.

The Infinite, is just like that. It is not to be read about, talked about or tried to be explained. It is to be empirical, used, felt, experienced, welcomed, loved – just like Kitty. Unfortunately, instead of being the central part of people’s lives, it is usually passed over without a thought.

Even though you may not have a cat that touches the back of your fingers, similar sensations can come in myriad ways. Entrance mats that appear as subtle smells, fleeting memories, stealthy chords, inner wonderment or exquisite freedom.

This Infinite has no alerts, no sirens, no lighthouse to make you aware of its presence. It is pure, precise, personal and patient – just waiting for you to have a moment or two to share with It.

Here, Kitty, Kitty.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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