Looking for Authority

The day we are borne we have parents who are over us. They care for us nourish us and teach us. Then come teachers, instructors, professors and bosses. And apparently they are not sufficient as we continue to fill our lives with ministers, priests, gods and authors.

It appears that some of us are content being under authority and others see the need or are led to become part of the authority as they ‘ascend’ to be priests and authors.

Around a century ago, the opportunity to have a machine in your home that made ice was possible. As would be expected, some readily embraced the idea while others wanted to focus on making the trucks that delivered the ice, faster.

Today, in many areas, the time for change is becoming apparent. One of these is our declining desire to attend church and the concomitant idea of what we hope to get out of the service attended.

Perhaps the reason is the sheer number of possibilities that exist in providing a chair and a speaker on any given Sunday morning. Because of the myriad choices there are, the idea of picking the one that is more ‘right’ in its teachings has also dwindled. Folks now choose because on how well that time spent is helping them.

Another reason may be that the realization of what is being shared in a given religious venue is just another person’s view. Even more incisive is the notion that if you were just born in another country you would most likely being saying your prayers to Buddha or Mohammed or countless other deities.

Think of all the proclamations you, or your friends, have made about God and Jesus. Ponder all the time and money spent, all the books read, services attended, and prayers offered in the name of Christianity that would all have been done for another god if you had just been born in a different country!

These two or three reasons are but a few of many behind decking church attendance. The identification of others is not the intent here. But if there was a common thread that tied ALL the reasons together, would that be a worthy subject to consider?

Could it be that TRUTH is what is lacking? Could it be that the lack of truth is responsible for there being 200+ religions? Could it be our reliance on our own personal flawed views and the flawed views of others? Could it be that this Truth that is missing is the cause for us not being free?

Folks attended services looking for authority. They still do. This happened, I hurt, give me the answer to fix it – now. But the answer doesn’t come immediately so people turn to friends, books, other services, workshops, groups, drugs, alcohol, and worse.

If one word was changed and it read, ‘Looking for Truth’ – how vital that would be. To even start to really consider and envision what ‘truth’ is, where it comes from and what it can do in your life – that is vital.

Is it finally time to forget about a faster ice truck?

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  1. There are different factors regarding current reasons for the decline in church going. What you have written here is valid.. And…here is a revolution taking place in expanding beliefs outside the box of ‘religion’. Our collective beliefs in a ‘deity’ God is in a transformational process. We are evolving out of the old paradigm of ‘church’. And…I believe there is and will always be a place for community and a desire to connect. This is a stimulating conversation…one whose time has come to offer to those who are ready and wanting to have it and explore … so powerful, transformative and innovative!


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