Just curious . . .

How is your day going to be today? Have you told yourself yet?

To what levels will you ascend?

Those lingering concerns, to what extent will they hold you down?

Better, will you permit any of those negative concerns to still be around today?

Even though there may be an unsavory externality in your life does not mean you have to allow it to diminish your happiness and contentment. Sure, your empathy, caring, love and concern will never falter, but clear, concise answers as to how to handle the situation are needed and those perfect answers will remain inaccessible if your spirit has descended because of the weight of problems.

It is our choice, and really our responsibility, to stay as ‘high’ as possible during these times and to do nothing to disengage ourselves from the highest quality answers.

Challenges like these require us to take charge of our mind. To not be captured and dragged downward because of an unfortunate occurrence. These difficulties are priceless times. They bring a new stage to our lives, a fresh set of circumstances that although seem unpleasant when they are happening can produce results higher than we can dream.

Have care, have sympathy, have the deepest love, have empathy – but do it from above, Hope lives there. Perfection is there. You are the only force that can cause you to leave. It is your decision.

How IS your day going to be, today?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Exceptional.
    Reminder to always take the highest, most elevated path in every moment. In viewing life from this perpective every circumstance/situation has the ability to bring us up higher to a place of clarity and freedom… Seeing that everything has a reason and a season.
    Spring is a season of possibility for new growth…to know you can always begin again. May this spring bring abundant freedom and possibility to us all.


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