In the Context of . . .

We all have one subject in which we excel – and love. Perhaps it’s a past business we were in or just an ongoing passion we have had since we were a kid.

The idea here is to use that trait as a buoy. Because of your love for it, when it is mixed with other things it makes everything better. It lifts your idea about even going to the meeting and gives you a way of incorporating a part of your passion.

As an example, let’s say you like ‘Play’. The concept of it just makes you feel alive and desirous of being a part of whatever is going on. And let’s say you have to attend a meeting. This would be a golden opportunity for you to think about the subject ‘in the context of’ play and to make a meeting better meeting because of it.

This is not intended as a time for you to just impose some past happy time into a group of people but should be treated as an exercise in which you see if you can embolden and extend your scope of ‘Play’ to discover something new you might try. Something that would fit perfectly into the tenor of the planned meeting.

What is your favorite ‘in the context of’?

Juxtapose it with everything.

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