There You Are . . .

‘People are where they are because that is exactly where they really want to be – whether they will admit that or not.Earl Nightingale

My Dad wasn’t there for me much as a kid but he did bring home a record with narrations by Earl Nightingale called ‘Secrets of Believing’ or something similar to that. Out of all the maxims available, the one above was the one i remembered.

Then, on an icy Saturday afternoon north of Pittsburgh as I was picking up and throwing old tires into a truck from the snowy tundra, this dirty, watery slush splashed out all over my face. I was probably thirteen or fourteen at the time and right after that happened I had but one thought . . . ‘If this occurred in Florida I wouldn’t have even cared.’

At that moment I knew Florida would be my home and afterwards, every shovel of snow, each uncomfortable chill attested to that fact.

I shan’t go into it here, but later it was shown that Earl’s quote doesn’t stop with just the physical location of a person. It includes where their minds are, where their thoughts are and where their health is – everything. We, each one of us, is responsible for everything in our lives. ‘You are where you are because that is exactly where you really want to be.’

Powerful, isn’t it? Almost equally powerful are the repulsive conditions and circumstances that we may have had to deal with throughout our life, especially when we were young and had no idea of the severity of what was going on.

Somehow, most got by, but not without doctors, drugs, addictions, illness, depression, etc. We still are ‘where we are and that is exactly where we want to be’, but due to our past, the ‘where you really want to be’ has been relegated to something much less, sometimes to ‘just get me to tomorrow’.

Look around you. What is there is there because that is exactly what you want there! Everything! Certain people, or lack of people. Pictures. Books. Furniture. All of it is exactly what you want there.

And now the really interesting part. Your level of; contentment, happiness, health, well-being, joy, bliss, peace – they’re all there in the exact quantities you want.

And, they always will be.

But, as it always was and always will be – you have the choice of what they are.

What about tires filled with dirty slush? You got any of them? Or, do you perceive anything you’re missing or something that needs upgraded?

Their additions or subtractions rest entirely with YOUR decisions.

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