Hmmm . . .

What about . . .?

Doing them with 3-cushion bank shots.

Waiting for a return on non-investment.

Letting reticence become a language along with Thanksgiving.

Being beaten to death with a life-preserver.

Being negligibly invincible.

Not solving problems but preventing them from happening.

Measuring the generosity of solitude.

Conjuring thoughts that breathe.

Tightening the tourniquet on evil sources.

Vacationing in a shoe box.

Realizing, finally, that collaboration is second-rate at best.

Living this life and being this life simultaneously.

Creating another religion by falling in love.

Wondering about the ultimate dimensions of the blanket of absurdity.

Choosing one of many lower starting points.

(you read too fast)

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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