The Other You

‘Better get up.’ ‘This is going to be difficult’ ‘Better have another drink.’ ‘Time to quit drinking.’ ‘Why can’t I do that?’

The conversation continues in our minds, but have you thought about how the quality of those words change depending on your contentment? Right after making the big sale, just after conquering a large mountain, right after solving a complex problem – those words change their flavor. Instead of being about negative things they evolve into majestic gems like; ‘What’s next? I can achieve anything!’ Doubt is erased and we become completely happy with ourselves.

But time happens and the victory becomes imbedded in the past, soon to be forgotten. And possibly the rhetoric flips negative again, taking with it your self respect.

This ‘other you’ is real and determines to a large degree how you feel and what you feel by what you keep telling yourself over and over again. For some, these words we tell ourselves are free flowing, as if ‘we’ have no control over them. An unfortunate occurrence happens and we can remind ourselves of it daily, forever! So much so that it can determine, and actually become – part of who we are!

‘Unfortunate occurrences’ can be viewed in myriad ways. Negatively, sure. But also as a blessing, an eye-opening experience, something that we may really begin to understand and be able to help others because of our understanding.

Kenny Rogers did that song ‘The Gambler’ in which there are the words, ‘Every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser.’ That idea can be ascribed to the ‘unfortunate occurrences’ or even a life. Every life’s a winner, every life’s a loser – it’s up to each individual as to how he or she plays the hand.

This all boils down to self-respect, which is another word for character. It is up to us to know ourselves, to understand ourselves, to better ourselves. To comprehend exactly what we need and what what we don’t. To get the concept of ‘self respect’ – to get the idea that you are a spectacular human being right here, and right now.

Grab on to your special Spectacularity! Cherish it, be it. Let no one or no thing blemish it. Limit yourself to doing things that only build-up your self-confidence. Eliminate doing anything that even has a chance of diminishing your happiness.

This ‘other you’ is YOU! Always be compassionate to yourself. This is YOU! Be dignified, divinely dignified – do nothing nor permit anything – to betray yourself.

Perfect, PERFECT – how and what you allow into your life. Think PURITY, beauty, truth, perfection, happiness, security, love. Cherish this process. These are your ‘FOOD’. These are what make you grow.

This is YOU! This is your life, your responsibility. No one else’s. Understand exactly who you are.

Find a couple of Aces. Keep them up your sleeve. Just knowing they are there is enough.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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