Quarks and Gluons

My beginning, like yours, was fraught with quarks and gluons and other things that were unknowable and still are. Quarks and gluons in the millions and billions and other big numbers I should have used. And at that time potty training and bottles were the thing and eternity stayed hidden in the closet behind the monsters and gremlins and other scary things.

School brought walking and talking and family and friends, and the monsters were confronted along with the other scary things, but eternity remained hidden behind the toys and ball gloves and sweaters. And at that time that was the best place for it. And the quarks and gluons kept flying around and no one cared.

In a few years we were introduced to galaxies and other things and realized they are cool. And we learned names of orbiting things and we were introduced to things that orbit and are really small. And the quarks and gluons kept doing whatever it is that they do.

And we traveled and realized that even here is big. And we met friends and lovers and some stayed and some left, and one stayed longer. And the quarks and gluons carried on.

And we grew and had little ones fraught with quarks and gluons and we smiled, and at that time all was cool. And we told them about some orbiting things, and touched on big and small, but the quarks and gluons tumbled around and never got mentioned.

And later we tossed and turned and realized that the big is really big and the small is really small and at that time we didn’t have time to give the matter any more than a shrug.

And we come to a spot where we have to fathom the big and the small because ultimately we hope to have a spot in it all. And we wonder if we will hold together in some way. And we wonder if others will hold together in some way so we can recognize each other later on. And at that time the quarks and the gluons smile.

And we think of family and friends and we consider how we will know each other over there and we think about where we will be in the big, big with the small, small. And when we peer out on a sunset we consider a boundary between heaven and earth and how that information may just stay on the other side until we get there. And at that time we realize that we know nothing about posthumous knowing of the big and the small, and we never did, and we never will on this side of the boundary. And the quarks and gluons take on a new importance.

And at this time we wonder if the quarks and gluons are our own personal quarks and gluons that stay ‘as us’ after we leave. And the quarks and gluons keep right on dancing, because they know.

And the sunsets come and go and friends come and go until that time when all that stuff stops for us and the quarks and gluons prance about and consider an instantaneous trip through the boundary.

And at that time all is cool, and all the stuff we talked about; the monsters and the gremlins and other scary things and the toys and ball gloves and sweaters disappear – and out walks eternity.

And visage-less we sense the quarks and gluons elation with the presence of their freed brother. And at that time an unfolding occurs and an area is opened up to us that heretofore was inaccessible, and that is really cool.

And after that time, somewhere out beyond the boundary, out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing, out where the quarks and gluons and eternity come together in divine association, as babes, we will meet again.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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