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A nice picture. No surprises, no jolting revelations. Pretty, correct proportions, good color. And then we see another . . .

and it may not be our cup of tea. It may not be in accordance with our idea of good art. So, we close the door on it and move on.

The first painting is congruent with our lives. It makes sense, we could visit that place or even live there. The second painting does not share those attributes and has little chance of us ever resonating with it or deriving value from it.

But isn’t life and our decisions about daily affairs identical to to that pattern? When in doubt, and disregarding the extent of our doubt, we always go back and find solace in those beliefs we ‘know’. Even with no hints from the first painting we know there was intelligence and planning that went into that scene. Building plans, retaining walls, sewer system, surveyors, lot lines, set backs, and so forth.

The second painting thrives on the absence of those things, so it is usually avoided. We have learned and have been taught the qualities that are within painting #1. But just because we haven’t learned about something doesn’t automatically make it less valuable, does it? It could be the most valuable thing we could ever know.

Painting #2 is abstract, elusive and more suited for your inner self. Perhaps a ‘mini-infinity’ suitable for framing with many of the same qualities as the one with the capital ‘I’.

It pressures you not to discover its wealth. It makes no overtures of grandeur so people take notice. It sits there silently and waits for your attention.

If, and when, that time comes it may share why and how a seemingly insignificant little line can – and should – take the place of a shore line or a building. Or, it may address why items within it are not in proportion. In general, it may speak to myriad reasons why things should be viewed in a new way.

In actuality, though, the ‘status-quo’ we all live in seems to be in no jeopardy at all, for who has those few minutes to listen?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. No contest!
    Imagination versa tradition.
    It’s very telling where the eye of the beholder resides.
    Imagination please!


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